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SHOOT SHOOT SHOOT MOTHERFUCKER [Aug. 9th, 2004|06:54 pm]
The Holywood[]


Marilyn Manson would be so much better if they didn't put out the Golden Age Of Grotesque... and if Twiggy and John 5 was still in the fucking band. Ugh. I hate Tim Skold. I hope he dies. And Karas stupid, he did the arrows up the wrong way. Ha.

Marilyn Manson used to be SO cool.

[User Picture]From: salival_troll
2004-08-09 10:33 pm (UTC)
0h yeah, Your so right. I ve probably told you this a million times. But I think it would have been better had he like been killed in a massive assassination after holywood cause then he would have been a martyr and he would have had much for respect and fear about him.
Argh, it pisses me off how much Kara has been spreading manson at school, it's as if he wants everyone to like it. I know this sounds selfish, but I wish that only a select few people liked him like you and me.
And it fucks me off whenever he says aww gaof is so cool and its his best album. It really isnt, it just makes me wanna shake him of all his bad likes.
haha, kara did the arrows up the wrong way, he'll never be as bigger fans as you and me.

Thanks for posting :)
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[User Picture]From: mansons_fairy
2004-09-16 12:14 pm (UTC)
awww yeah it wasnt one of his best albums but i still went and got it...erm. i actually really like Tim skold! yeah i miss Twiggy:( he was amazing and he got on with manson pretty well! and i just miss john 5 too. he shoudl come back(: never mind im sure his next new album will be amazing!hopefulyl another one like antic-christ superstar. we can only wait and see! thanks for posting .x.x.x
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[User Picture]From: salival_troll
2004-09-17 07:47 pm (UTC)
Yeah, there are still a couple of songs that I listen to. But they just don't have the sounds like portrait or antichrist. Oh man, today I got an Ipod mini.:D
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[User Picture]From: _shadow_08
2005-09-27 03:28 am (UTC)
I agree. I don't care much about john 5 but twiggy was one of the best thing that happened to the band! Can someone tell me if twiggy was still in the band when the hollywood CD was released?
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